Strategic Communications


Halliday Advisory offers strategic communications advice and services to the MD, the C suite, their direct reports and/or the Boards of businesses, corporates and not-for-profits.

Issues management  

Developing a co-ordinated media plan around an upcoming issue along with successfully executing that plan with the right messaging and material.

Crisis management

Stepping in to help in those first few hours/ days when the crisis looms or hits, limiting the damage and beginning the recovery and repair work.  Better yet – developing/reviewing your Crisis Comms Plan BEFORE the storm hits.

Media presentation and Executive Media Training

Helping you to shape your message and deliver it effectively including on TV.

Stakeholder relations and community engagement

The hardest licence to secure can be your social licence. Effective and genuine two-way communication is at the heart of winning and maintaining that licence.

Internal communications

Your people are your greatest asset. They should have a clear understanding of what you are doing and why and a chance to be heard to enhance their engagement.

Communications reviews

A high level review of your communications plans and readiness.

Stephen Halliday has more than thirty years experience working with government, the private sector and the not-for-profit sector in senior leadership, strategic communications and media management postions.

Contact him on 0418 808 799 or at email him here.